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The Colosseum is the most famous of Roman amphitheatres as well as the symbol of the city. It was built by the Flavian emperors, Vespasian and Titus, between 70 and 81 AD in the heart of Rome, exactly in the area at the eastern edge of the Roman Forum.

A meeting place and gathering where they held gladiatorial shows and other public events. The facade of the arena was 50 m high, the elliptical shape had a circumference of 527 m was 86 m long and 54 m wide at the bottom, still visible, were articulated in the underground galleries for the beasts.
The use was decommissioned in the sixth century. Since then, the huge structure was used over the centuries for many different uses. Transformed into a fortress in the Middle Ages, was later used as a quarry for the storage of materials intended to build homes and churches.

Acquired in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site since 1980 has risen to the headlines in 2007 as counted among the Seven Wonders of the World.

Next to the Coliseum are the Arch of Constantine, dedicated in his honor after his victory over Maxentius. On the other hand, between the Via Labicana and Via San Giovanni in Laterano, you can see part of the ruins of the "Ludus Magnus", which was the main gym of the gladiators.
The charm of this monument is indescribable and not enough guides, photos or images to describe the feeling you actually being in front of this giant of the past, witnessed centuries of history in the Eternal City.

The same people do not ever get used to such impressive beauty and are happy to share it with tourists, we are sure, the Serber among the best memories of his stay.

The Colosseum from the heart of Rome in the heart of everyone.


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Arch of Constantine
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