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Keys to Rome. The City of Augustus

"Rome, Sarajevo, Amsterdam, Alexandria: the whole empire celebrates Augustus"
Exhibition on the occasion of the two thousandth anniversary of his death.
The Augustan age is the central theme of the exhibition which will be held at the Trajan Markets Museo dei Fori Imperiali from 24 September 2014 to 12 April year 2015.
The exhibition in Rome is called "The Keys of Rome. Town 'of Augustus." The exhibition, conceived and curated by the Superintendent Capitolina and CNR, with the organization of Zètema Culture Project, aims to illustrate two routes thematic complementary and intertwined, one narrative - Keys To Rome. The Keys of Rome - and the other Technical Symposium, which will lead visitors through the sights of Augustus - The city of Augustus.
In the Great Hall of the Museum, a map of the city will give the visitor the feeling of "walking" in Rome two thousand years ago. The Forum of Augustus, his Mausoleum, the Ara Pacis and other monuments, "emerge" from the map and tell their own story. Two busts of Augustus and Agrippa - his "right arm" - will come to life and talk about strategies and historical events that have led to the irresistible rise of the princeps and the transformation of the city. Finally, Video Panels present along the exhibition will illustrate the scientific news about the latest excavations, bearing witness to the ongoing research and the presence on the territory of the archaeologists of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage Capitolina.


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Keys to Rome
"Rome, Sarajevo, Amsterdam, Alexandria: the whole empire celebrates Augustus"Exhibition on the occasion of the two...

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